dbUniServ® SQL Editor
The dbUniServ® SQL Editor is a browser-based, interactive SQL interface, which ensures easy access to your relational database.

Due to the thin-client-concept, only an internet browser (for example Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or IE11) is required - no further installation is necessary.

The dbUniServ® architecture cooperates with many different RDBMS (IBM® DB2® for z/OS, IBM® DB2® LUW, Microsoft® SQL Server, Oracle®, etc.). This ensures fast access for ad hoc analysis and queries.

An Overview

  • Web based thin-client user interface - no further installation required
  • Smooth integration of the Enterprise Security Policies, no redundant administration for users and rights needed (i.e. RACF, TSS, etc.)
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Interactive generation of SQL-statements
  • Archiving and allocating of SQL-statements directly on the web-server
  • Re-usage of all mainframe generated SQL-statements via FTP and/or QMF-import
  • Supports entire SQL language periphery (DDL, DML, DCL) and RDBMS specific extensions
  • SQL syntax-check and predictive governing for DB2® for z/OS
  • SQL-statements using variables (&QMF)
  • Export query results to the formats Microsoft® Excel®, XML, CSV and new database tables
  • Availability of results in new spread sheet
  • Supports access to read-only databases (REPORT-ONLY)
  • Saved queries can be executed through hyperlinks