Global access to Mainframe-Data can be made so easy

dbUniServ® (databases Unified Services) is a web-based thin-client-server application. You can easily access your mainframe data - whenever you need them.

SQL Editor

dbUniServ - SQL-Editor

A user-friendly SQL-editor to access your mainframe database. The export of
SQL-query-results to different data- and
document formats is simple and straight forward.

  • Web based thin-client user interface
  • Interactive generation of SQL-statements
  • SQL-statements using variables (&QMF)
  • Export query results to established data- and document formats as well as other tables
Table Editor

dbUniServ - Table Editor

An easy way to display and process mainframe data. Working with your database is like using a spreadsheet.

  • Easy administration of data
  • No SQL knowledge needed
  • Data-import from Microsoft® Excel®
Service and Support

The PROCON IT offers complete indivdual support, maintenance, update, and releases for our customers regarding dbUniServ®.

Information about training on the dbUniServ® as well as training on other IT topics is available at

Product Information

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